Kick butt

The old broad kicks butt in In Her Shoes, a current movie with Shirley MacLaine and a couple of younger chicks who are just plain dim on the screen when Shirley is in the scene. Her talent, charisma, and ability shine. Her performance leaps off the screen and screams that old ain’t dead, old ain’t feeble, and old ain’t useless. Damn, she’s good. You go, girl!

Then there’s Diane Keaton in The Family Stone. Honey, we are talking about kicking butt big time. . . .


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Kick butt”

  1. “Ti-gers SUCK! Ti-gers SUCK! Ti-gers SUCK! Ti-gers SUCK!”

    With each “SUCK” Jonathan bounced higher, brandishing his hockey stick overhead like a club.

    “Jonathan! Language!” She couldn’t help a smothered smile at his enthusiasm. He slowed his pace on the trampoline momentarily, then resumed with a grin.

    “Cubs kick BUTT! Cubs kick BUTT!”

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