Okay, I usually make stuff up, but this is true. I posted a photo of my grandchild’s feet on Flickr the other day. It almost immediately had over 40 views. What’s up with that? Have foot fetishists taken over the internet while I wasn’t watching?

Stuff I’ve had up there for months doesn’t have that many views. We’ve been counting those ten little piggies for quite a while now, and they are meant for innocent purposes only.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Feet”

  1. precious little feet–babies, cats’ paws. taking photos of my visiting granddaughter who sat in a high chair, messed around with food. placed my hand on her right foot, snapped a photo. just read something here that makes me wonder: safe to post these vulnerable toes on my blog?

  2. I searched tags on Flickr for various things trying to figure out why this photo was so popular so fast. I couldn’t find a common trend or tag. I posted a number of photos of a 350 year old church in Old Town just prior to this photo, some of them have been viewed a number of times, some zero times. They all have basically the same title and tags. It makes no sense. Maybe there is some listserv of weirdos sending out a link separate from any process at Flickr, because now the count of visitors to this photo is up in the 70s. The thought of that turns my stomach.

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