a head of hair

It’s sort of a hairdo. I run my fingers though it after I get out of the shower to pull it back from my face. How does this stack up against your hairdo? Does your hairdo include dye, blow dryers, styling brushes and lots of invested time? Are you vain about your hair?

What is vanity all about anyway? It is some sort of sexual survival tactic? Is it about self-respect or is it about foolish superficiality? Maybe, like Donald Trump, your hairdo is a business necessity. . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Hairdo”

  1. Hairdo? I have hairdon’t! Once the golden curls of my toddler days disappeared, my hair became the bane of my existence and that of any hairdresser whose path I crossed and remains so to this day when it’s begun thinning. How I envy people with gorgeous hair!

  2. When working and more involved in the world I had my weekly trips to the hairdresser.
    Stopped that years ago. Then I started just getting perms every 3 or 4 months and having it trimmed inbetween. Hairdresser kept saying do not cut on your hair. Well I got so tired of going to shop. Felt like I was wasting time and money. SO I started trimming it myself.
    And if I do say so myself – I could tell no differance from her trimming and charging $25
    So now I just go for perms. Would not do that but my hair is fine and looks best short and curly. Just use the curling iron after I wash several times a week. Get compliments on my doing it. Several times times brown rinse on my hair that is starting to turn grey (wish it was real gray or snow white instead of beginning to look mousey) I do not want the color anymore and hairdresser keeps saying you need the color it looks better.
    Well at 70 and all I have been through I have earned every emerging gray hair. My mind says I am 10 years younger but I am not. Where did 70 come from. If I did not need the perm I would stop that. If my hair was thicker I would let it grow, never cut it and wrap it in the back.
    Oh well. My daughters all have this thick and naturally curly hair. I accept with joy where I am at this time of life.
    Thanks for listening.
    In my new cottage in a new area all I need is some new friends and maybe someone to take a short trip with occasionally. I feel the ocean calling me.

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