Many star watching memories drift through my mind. I’ve always loved stars. A startlingly beautiful star watching event occurred in the high mountains between Ruidoso and Lincoln, New Mexico. It was a clear, cloudless night. We stopped the car beside the highway to get out and look up. There was no traffic, no light. We saw so many stars that it seemed the dark background of space disappeared completely. The sky . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Stars”

  1. When I think of stars i remember a beach in Mexico. Me, a beautiful woman, and a Cuban cigar. She sat next to me and I could smell her perfume mixed with the salty sea air and smoke. We just held hands and admired the inky blackness above.

  2. star light, star bright,
    first star I see tonight,
    I wish I may, I wish I might
    have the wish I wish tonight
    a child watches the night sky and sees a star
    no street lights shine in this country far
    deep in the house a light shines but cannot outshine that star
    the child wishes and wanders afar
    like the wise who followed the Star

  3. When the only escape I could find was in my own mind, stars were beacons of freedom. On nights so cold that my breath was visible, I would distance myself from the restrictive world that included my parents. Lying flat on my back on the giant, round black disc of a trampoline we owned – in my backyard, the stars transported me to where I could achieve anything I dreamed.

  4. As the officers brought the girl into the room, Kate slipped off of the chair and sat crosslegged on the floor. She beckoned to the girl to sit beside her by the big window, and, in spite of what had happened over the last 24 hours, the girl trusted her. For hours they gazed at the stars, hand in hand, saying nothing.

  5. The star twinkled, for lack of something better do. Twinkling is, after all, what stars are best known for. The star twinkled again, a little more angrily. It was fed up with just twinkling. Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle it went, faster and angrier until finally it began to move. It began to fall, unstuck from the inky sky.

    The star was scared at first. It had never fallen before, only twinkled. Fear gave way to fun, however, as it streaked across the atmosphere, it’s insides feeling twisted and light. It squealed with joy, something else it had never done before.

    It noticed it was changing, slowly, as it fell. Sparks flew from it’s form, reshaping it’s body. It wiggled a new piece of itself, on the end of a longer piece. It kicked, it blinked, it breathed. Before it hit the ground it wondered what was happening, but the sudden explosion of sound, light, and choking dust derailed the thought.

    Dust settled, the star looked back to the sky at it’s brothers and sisters. The stars twinkled down at their fallen sibling. Their sibling wept at what it had done.

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