Marianne never expected to reconsider her life. She thought she had her life figured out. When Ted took off with his 20-something secretary, her life as she knew it meant nothing.

The daunting part was that every option was open again. Every choice was possible. But from all that freedom and choice, she felt no sense of direction. She was lost and didn’t know where to go next or even how to think about what to do next.

Her friends . . .

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2 Responses to Reconsider

  1. Ellis Reyes says:

    “But Mr. Anderson,” Serina pleaded, tears streaming down her face, “I couldn’t help it. Amy’s mom, she wanted me to speak at the memorial service, I got back to school just as fast as I could.”

    “I am impervious to appeals for leniency, you should know that by now Miss Rosales.”

    “Please reconsider. I’ve worked so hard on this paper, and it’s really good”

    “Late is late. Missed deadlines are missed opportunities. Good Bye Miss Rosales!”

    Serina felt a flash of sympathy for the sour old man as she felt the transformation consume her being….

  2. Oil is cheap
    America rules
    everyone in the US is free
    no gap between rich and poor
    we will not be in Iraq forever


    oil is scarce
    America threatened
    not everyone shares the same rights
    the gap is a chasm
    Iraq is another Korea
    the veil of innocence lifts

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