I think the . . .

I think the people making ageist jokes about John McCain, racist jokes about Barak Obama, and sexist jokes about Hillary Clinton should stand in front of a crowd where ignorant fools are allowed to make fun of them.

I think the cat’s attention to the fern means she will soon be leaving me a ferny gift on the carpet.

I think the heat of strong, hot coffee in the throat is one of life’s greatest gifts. I gave up sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Please don’t take my coffee.

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Writer and teacher who benefits from following the principles of writing practice set forth by Natalie Goldberg.
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3 Responses to I think the . . .

  1. John says:

    I suddenly found colours were sounds; Lemon tinkles but Red yaps. Blue skies are a Choral but Gray ones are a Blue’s riff. I think the noises of colour are fantastic but why me? And why now?

    Simple, you have late onset synaesthesia, which is when your senses get twisted.

  2. Val says:

    I think the house must have been built in the 1940s. Based on the size of the lot and the positioning of the house, it was probably one of the first homes built in this neighborhood. The beautiful deep gardens with flagstone pathways lined with rosebushes are so rare in the newer neighborhoods.

  3. Granny Sue says:

    I think that Blogger is nuts.
    I think their robots are nuts.
    I think they need a better way to fight spam besides locking my blog.
    What a pain! I mean, who would seriously think a blog named “Granny Sue’s News and Reviews” is a spam blog?
    I think Blogger is nuts. But I said that already, didn’t I?

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