Sunrise, sunset

By the clock, it should be light, but the dim glow at the window feels wrong. I need the hours between sunrise and sunset today. I crawl out of bed and pull back the drapes to discover an overcast sky so thick and dark that light barely penetrates. I walk toward the kitchen, clicking on every light as I go. Coffee and electric light will have to . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Sunrise, sunset”

  1. Weatherwise (an etheree)

    sets red
    a blessing
    sun rises red
    a sailor’s warning
    oldtimers know the way
    of weather, winter or spring
    while younger ones rush through the day
    ears to cell, eyes fixed on screen or tube
    while what they seek is writ so plain above

  2. Sunrise and Sunset
    They set my Day
    Up really before Sunrise
    Ready for bed at Sunset
    Only way I can Live
    Fills me with Energy and Life
    If I do not do This
    I feel Under Par

  3. Characters breathe life at midnight and petition my fingers for validation. Aided by caffeine I click away in solitude while they courageously accost their demons. When the blackness fades to morning bronze my friends and I give in to the gentle persuasion of the pillow.

  4. When Amy was padding around in her little footy pj’s she would often greet us at sunrise with “unt dooce.” The answer from one or both of us as we groggily laid there would be “on the table.” She was ready to go until sunset on her orange juice fix.

    OK, a cheat. This is true, but your prompt brought back the memory.

  5. What you sow shall you reap

    The teenagers stood in the cave of the ancestors. This day they become men.

    The tribal elders came in quietly and stood in a row and then started the ancient chant, ‘when this bunker opens between sunrise and sunset to which the teenagers responded, ‘the war on terror is won.’

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