Things are quiet in the arroyo where I walk. The bunnies are all underground, the prairie dogs are hiding, most of the birds are gone. There are some red robins and bluebirds breaking up the scenery in the bare branches of the brush.

But soon, yes soon, the meadow larks and the quail and the roadrunners will be back, the bunnies will poke their tiny newborn heads from the ground, and the hawks will come a-hunting.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Bluebird”

  1. We don’t have bluebirds in Ohio. They like warmer climates than we can offer here. I have seen them in my travels and I like them and their song. We do have blue jays in Ohio. They are pretty, too. They are feisty and brave little birds who defend their nests courageously. However, I like cardinals best — our State bird — probably because they are red and it’s my favorite color.

  2. A blue jay is often called a bluebird
    and the bluebird doesn’t seem to mind
    but I wonder how it would feel about this photo
    –a nuthatch just isn’t the bluebird’s kind!

    (with my tongue firmly in cheek-but that is a nuthatch, known for it’s persistence in walking headfirst down trees.)

  3. @Granny Sue, LOL, that’s what I get for picking up a bluebird photo at morguefile to use here today. If I post one of my local roadrunner photos I can definitely guarantee to have it right.

  4. The little bluebird is one of my favorite birds. Just asked my daughter’s fatherinlaw to make me two houses to put on my country property. My son saw two in his yard yesterday. Mighty early. Little birds don’t catch a cold.

  5. No birds sing
    this frosty day
    it is quiet like that
    before a storm or after
    the big tree falls–a rush of sound
    and silence made more evident by absence

    Soon, in March
    cold will retreat north
    grass will cover earth again
    creeks will sparkle in gentle sun
    and bluebirds will return to fly and sing
    above the place where the old tree once stood

  6. I hated bluebirds for a long time.

    When I was young I had a great cat. He followed me to the bus stop in the morning and returned in the afternoon to walk me home. He was also a fierce hunter, always dropping “treats” by the back porch.

    Until the day the neighbor put out his eye with a pellet gun because he caught a bluebird in one of the trees bordering our yards.

    Mom did nothing, too drunk. Dad did nothing, too busy.

    All I could do was sit there, cry, and hate.

  7. A day has feelings

    Blue bird he sang
    on the day she went.
    The day he never remembers.
    Or never admits.
    The day that the sky went
    grey and he went empty.
    He sang this day the blue bird.
    He never sang again
    even when the sky turned blue.

    The day sings for him.

  8. That is a very cute photo of a Nuthatch, which has a blue hue, but it is certainly is not a Blue Bird. However, there are plenty of Blue Birds in Ohio, in fact I saw one in Bainbridge Ohio on Friday. Not a Blue Jay, but an Eastern Blue Bird. The EBB ranges east of the Rockies in the northern US States and southern Canada. In Ohio you should find them from Columbus on up to the Great Lakes.

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