On the bus

Crammed to the ceiling with high school hormones, the band bus roared down the dark highways toward home. Students spilled into the aisles, no where to put their too large feet or rest their sleepy heads. The band director held out a hand for the student in the seat across the aisle, and she rested her head there. She slept that way for miles, the director never once betraying how tired that supporting arm must have grown.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “On the bus”

  1. The girl raised up and looked at her friend. “Did you get it?” The friend held up her camera phone. The girl turned to the band director and gave him a rueful look. “Sorry, Mr. Chesney, but I’m a senior and need college tuition. My dad’s going to sue you for fondling.”

  2. The bus rolled to a stop at the Grand Canyon. Lynn and Theresa exited first and headed to the nearest look-off.
    Theresa perched on the steel railing and dangled her legs over the edge.
    Just one tiny push, Lynn thought, to see what happens.
    She was first in line to get back on the bus after giving her statement to the officer-in-charge.


  3. Once again the Georgia Prison loomed in the distance. Howard felt the anquish as he locked into memory the images of the trees, the undergrowth, and the open road ahead. Would Warden Hatches smirk as he stepped before him? Last minute glimpses of freedom as he rode on the bus…

  4. They know what you did

    He got on. The door was shutting but some guy’s foot stopped it. Looking back he still couldn’t see them, he was safe. Well no, he had delayed them. They know where to find him. Why was the guy by the door giving him the eye. He knew something.

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