Warrior Woman

Jennifer Beals from M:Mermaids of Hollywood. Photo by Mark Anderson
Photo by Mark Anderson from the M:Mermaids of Hollywood iPhone and iPad app.

It’s clear to regular readers of this blog that I admire this woman. Yet, everything I said before about her representing strong female power is rendered insignificant by the photos of her from M: Mermaids of Hollywood. Her mermaid as a warrior woman embodies a theme so potent, every woman in the world should have a photograph of herself posed like this. Then she should look at it every day and learn to think of herself as formidable and unconquerable.

You can learn more about Mark Anderson’s photography project M: Mermaids of Hollywood in this YouTube video.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Warrior Woman”

  1. My mother is a warrior. The scars she carries from her childhood have become wounds of my own. Her fantastic life, the few stories I get are mesmerizing to me and difficult to pull out of her. I wonder why she’s so reluctant to speak and then I remember how apprehensive I am. Her strength comes from her past and her beauty from the heart. When will I become the warrior she wants me to be?

  2. I warned him. He mistook my softness for weakness. My softness is a weapon.
    Years of abuse and me biding my time, feeding my rage, honing my anger, baiting his stupidity.
    Countless calls from neighbors to the police over our rages, documenting his assaults.
    They cannot accuse me, will not convict me, even with a sword and his head in my hands.
    They will call it self defense but it was he who needed to defend himself.

  3. I’m tested on a daily, maybe I’m not in my rightful position which keeps me open for satan’s attack. It’s time to tighten up my ranks, wash myself off and put on the full armor of God! My spirit woman was predestined to become a warrior part of God’s elite and u have just struck a fire that has awakened her! She has had enough of your death threats and condemnation! She’s screaming a war cry that calls for the head of the dragon and flesh has no choice but to stand out of her way! If u want my destiny satan you’re going to have to come through me and this sword that I’m welding just for you. #EnoughIsEnough, Come&GetuSome (WHAT!)

  4. I carry the energy of Pallas Athena, ever ready to do battle. Born by the sea, I adore water, but the chess board is my battlefield. My game plan is aggressive as I charge forward to fully engage. I am revered as a great tactician and strategist using creativity and cunning.

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