Long forgotten

old phone Long distance. It used to be important, an event. Probably on someone else’s phone. Young people never knew. Old people have long forgotten.

Long forgotten is the asking permission before making the call, before telling the operator the number to ring. Asking the operator to report back the charges. When the conversation on the borrowed phone was over, waiting beside it for the ring from the operator who explained  how much the call cost. The careful counting out of dollars or change to pay the phone’s owner for its use.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Long forgotten”

  1. When she gets to the one with the red heart with a small yellow stain just above it, her hands stop their folding. Her head tilts slightly to the right, eyes de-focusing to see the small, dense warm body that it once covered. She kisses it goodbye.

  2. Long forgotten are the days when we were used to see just around 10 models of cars. The streets, unlike now, were filled with only these cars and more visibly all of them white coloured. There were hardly any traffic signals. The repairs on the roads took years to be completed.

  3. Alien Probe

    Staggering under the gravity as the humanoid halo tingled his hide, Yatz struggled with the broken transbox.

    ‘Sir, could you try touching your toes,’ PC Royston said, sniffing for alcohol.

    Sadly, the polite Obeasins response of, ‘May your sun sticken the dark,’ was mistranslated.

    PC Royston subsequent use of his truncheon caused years of misunderstanding.

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