The bus will hold the band but not the band instruments. So parents and grandparents get recruited to drive around from one grade school to another with a carload of instruments. At each school, gangly teens rush the car, grab a horn, run inside to play, then dash back out to throw the horn case in the car for a mad move to the next school. Hopefully, they are leaving behind lots of inspired future band students.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Instruments”

  1. “They went out an hour ago ”
    The kids face fell for she had come to meet her friends and the door was opened by this toothless hag with a scary laugh . Unwilling to let the opportunity for a company go by her , she called out to the kid “Can you buy me one of those plastic , sticky things ?”
    “What ? Sellotape?”
    “No, that thing that binds paper together .” She drew some figures on the door with her knobbly fingers .
    The instrument bag jangled impatiently in his hand . he took out a roll of black tape and asked her “This ?”
    She shook her head and launched into another long-winded explanation. It made no sense . she was just talking for the sake of talking . She was just plain lonely and she was stalling her . The kid felt sorry for her , then shrugged and nodded her head , walking swiftly away , before she could come up with some other demand to imprison her steps.

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