A New Direction

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When you decide that you don’t like the way you’re living your life and it’s time to choose a new direction, everything opens up. Everything becomes possible. All your unlived dreams resurface. All your unlived adventures beckon. There’s a delicious freedom in being able to choose from unlimited options.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “A New Direction”

  1. Can anyone my age take a new direction?
    There were quite a few times in my life when I took a new direction. For example, when I got married. I had never imagined myself married or having a kid. But I finally did not do too badly when I did.
    Then I was forced to take new directions when my husband died. I had never thought of raising a child on my own. You could say that I did not *take* a new direction then, I was *forced* into a new direction, one I had never thought of.

  2. New direction
    I never questioned
    the thought
    and followed my heart.
    Headed back to my beginning
    Country, nature, camera and hoe in hand.
    72 years and it is just a number.
    Did it and total peace is the reward….

  3. As dreams become reality directions become meaningless. Wander along the forgotten paths in order to return to former lives. Don’t forget to pack a mental meal of poetic nonsense or you could get stuck. Feast your eyes upon the sights along the way but try not to get distracted again.

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