I’m afraid

“I’m afraid you can’t enter here.” The man was huge. He could have reduced me to a pile of whimpering mush on the sidewalk.

I stood taller. “I was told that this was the guest entrance.”

“It is,” he said. He waved an arm toward the side of the building. “The servers enter in back.”

I pulled an invitation from my pocket and showed it to him. “I’m a guest.”

He eyed me with . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “I’m afraid”

  1. “I’m afraid your manuscript does not meet our needs.”
    “What are your needs?”
    “We need a story that doesn’t start out with the weather.”
    “Mine starts out with the weather?”
    “Yes, it begins: ‘Clouds rolled over Sarah’s mind when she started her first novel’.”
    “It’s a metaphor.”
    “It’s the weather.”
    “Oh,” I said, vowing to get a better word counter and a book on self-publishing.

  2. He eyed me with a face modeled by doubt. “Where’d ya steal this from?”

    “I received it in my mailbox, sir. The Princess and I were roommates in college.”

    The security guard made a derisive sound. “I’m afraid …”

    “Wait!” I raised my palm like a school crossing guard. Taking a pen from my purse, I scribbled a note on the invitation, shoved it at him and demanded. “Go ask him!”

  3. He eyed me with large skeptical eyes, dark and filled with the promise of a storm.

    Still standing tall, I returned his stare with my best ‘trust me’ look. I could feel my blink-starved eyes beginning to burn.

    Finally, he broke into a large grin, punctuated by a gold front tooth.

    “Welcome to the party,” he said, stepping aside and unhooking the velvet rope so I could enter.

    “Thank you,” I replied as I strode past him.

    Once inside, I dialed Casey on the cell.

    “It worked,” I said, “I’m in!”

  4. a disapproving look that told me I had dressed extremely inappropriately. However, since going back to change clothes was not an option, I pressed on. “A friend of mine gave me this,” I said, pulling out my wallet and handing him a card.”
    “Oh. I see.” His eyes got big…

  5. Lately, circumstances are such that I am very afraid about a LOT of things. I wish it weren’t so but sometimes it just is what it is. Hopefully, I’ll weather this as I have most things but I’m getting too old for this crap.

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