An enormous dog

I approached the farm house juggling an armful of files and my purse. An enormous dog came running. I stopped in my tracks. This dog was as big as a horse, I swear. He was solid black with a huge square head and long skinny legs that looked like they came up to my armpits. He wasn’t barking or growling, but he was moving fast. I may have been praying that my legs would start to function again so I could run from the monster, maybe I even screamed for help. It’s a little blurry to recall. Then . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “An enormous dog”

  1. Then I awoke from my dream with a start. I sat straight up, my face drenched in a cold sweat. I reached for the hand towel I kept on the night stand for just these occasions.

    I dried my face, smiling.

    Tomorrow, I knew I would ride my horse ‘An Enormous Dog’ to victory in the featured race at Derby Downs.

  2. I realized that the dog was as surprised and confused as I. We stood in staring at each other in silence. He….was a she….softly I began to talk to the dog as she cocked her head from side to side in contemplation. I slowly approached and reached out my hand for her to sniff, she submitted. I realized she was cold, alone, and frightened as I was…we bonded…an unlikely outcome to an akward situation…

  3. I saw a St. Bernard once. Now, that’s an enormous dog, especially when you see it trotting past the living room window of your duplex on a summer day in the middle of Kansas. But even without a keg of brandy around its neck, there’s no mistaking it for anything else, except maybe a pony.

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