Teens in the House

The kids looking good

I’m having a little trouble staying organized and on task of late because I have two teenagers in my house 24/7 during the month of July. A couple of gorgeous grandkids, no matter how lovable, can play havoc with your schedule. So if I forget to  post here or miss a day, you’ll know it’s because I’m at the mall (a place I NEVER go) or I’m falling down in exhaustion and don’t have the strength to wriggle my fingers above a keyboard.

Enough with the wriggling of the fingers – I’m thinking it’s bedtime. But I’ll be dreaming of ways to write something awesome – I promise I will.

Please leave a comment with your first 50 words on the topic “teens in the house” or on some topic suggested by the image.


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Teens in the House”

  1. Angelic faces belie the devils’ work. The computer has crashed, overworked and disrespected. No food in the fridge and sticky stain on my end table. The cat, Beulah, hides under the couch and smoke is pouring from teenage owned smart phones. But the smiles. The smiles that deflect attention from havoc wreaked.

  2. teens, teens, teens, want to be a skinny as string beans
    teens, teens, teens, want the most expensive jeans
    teens, teens, teens, want it, no care of the means
    teens, teens, teens, oh the grandest of dreams
    teens, teens, teens, have we old folk forgotten just what that means?
    looking back, happiness was just being a teen 🙂

  3. Teens and almost teens
    Love their smiles
    their energy never stops
    they are in bed when I am up
    and when it is my bedtime they are still up.
    Maybe it is my imagination
    but they seem smarter
    then when I was a teen.
    Happy to seem them arrive
    happy when it is time for them to return to their homes.
    Know one thing
    “they sure make this grandma feel loved.”

  4. You raise them to be independent, to see things for themselves. They love this dream of autonomous self-governed living. Then come college applications and it’s, “Can you proofread? The deadline is in two days?? Help me!” And you remember they really do need you as they enter this new, exciting chapter of their lives.

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