Riding the Wave

Waves IV

Most people wait for a wave, for a few moments of incoming tide to sweep them high and hold them there for that perfect 15 minutes of fame. They are convinced that they can maintain that position – that the water and the wind and the moon and the planets will hold them there  – stretch out that 15 minutes for as long as they want. Instead of steady suns, people want to be shooting stars.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Riding the Wave”

  1. Like the human lungs, the oceans are a breathing organ of our planet. And like the human lung the oceans breathe. Each wave a breath capturing oxygen; sucking it into the deep, where in turn it feeds life to millions of plants and species. Indeed the oceans waves do breathe.

  2. Riding the wave. Conjures up tumultuous visions of water walls, hanging on to a thin edge between mastery and failure.
    Life should be about catching the wave and riding it with furious intent, an insane glee and a stranglehold on the dream that propels you.
    The waves fly by too fast, or they slip through our hands when we are distracted.
    Tough to catch the wave.
    But you can ride the ripples, one after another, preparing for that life moment when, if you are lucky, a tsunami of your pure essence rises up.
    The trick is to learn to appreciate the ripples. The sun’s rays and hope that glances off their surface.
    The ripples are gentle and make up most lives.

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