Early Voting

He stopped the motorcycle in a rock star parking slot in front of the storefront that was an early voting poling place. It looked like he was the only person there. He tucked his helmet under his arm and went inside, where a phalanx of older people sat at tables filled with papers. There were dozens of spots set up where voters could do their thing, but none of them were occupied.

He walked up to what looked like the starting point and said, “This is fantastic. No line at all.” The woman smiled and asked his name. He gave it, and commented, “I’ll never wait until election day to vote again. I’m telling all my friends to get in here early, too.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Early Voting”

  1. I still vote on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Even when there was no early voting option and I lived in a town ten times larger, I enjoyed standing in line on Election Day for the opportunity to chat with neighbors and be late for work with good reason. Early voting to me is like early Fourth of July fireworks—just not as exciting.

  2. I was excited for the opportunity to vote early. I had strong opinions on the direction this country should take and strong convictions about which man could handle it. I was wearing my Obama button.
    I was greeted be a shady looking guy with four days growth of beard, a ripped leather jacket, neck tattoos, wearing rings on four fingers. He led me away from the designated entrance saying “The voting location has been changed.”
    Walked me into a shaky looking warehouse and pointed me towards a booth.
    As I uncertainly walked across the floor, some boards gave way and I tumbled to a broken back.
    The last thing I remember seeing as I twisted through the fall was the Believe In America slogan on the back of the leather jacket as he walked away laughing.

  3. The early morning voter say at 9 am is asked many questions, who did you vote for.He answers : its a secret ballot! The first vote cast is never interesting untill the results are announced.Is the early voter wrong in starting early or is he opinionated in favor of his voted candidate.It got me thinking deep on the democratic process : is it voting that fails or politicians?

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