My Family

In my sprawling Catholic family, if you add in cousins, there are two priests and four nuns. Me, I’m a manager and the microchip plant. Sometimes I play golf instead of going to mass. It’s not easy being the black sheep when everyone you’re related to wants to bring you to confession and . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “My Family”

  1. My family keeps me tethered to this earth. They are each little pieces of me wandering out in the big world, but invisible strings link our hearts to each other no matter what. They make me better. They make me crazy-mad sometimes. They fill my life with more of everything I never knew I wanted.

  2. My family. Pretty amazing group of people. It has been extended by the women my sons have brought into the fold. Magical, mystical ladies. 1980 – Son #1. 1983 – Son #2.
    Grandkids? Don’t know. Not my decision.
    Amazing thing, family is. You create them and hope not to destroy them with your own shortcomings.
    I am happy with the way things are, the choices that have been made, the lives being lived.
    They are on my walls for now and in my heart forever.

  3. My family consists of a lot of different minded people. We rarely see eye to eye on major topics. But we pull along . Some where along the way , all the differences , quite paradoxically, has cemented our bonds.
    At a get together, lots of food , catering to different palates and tastes have to be cooked . Some are finicky eaters, others (like your’s truly) do not care what is served , so long as it is edible.
    Not even beverages are spared. Some like coffee, others tea. Some like it black, some milky and sweet.
    Some love the dog. Some just stare coldly into his eyes. Others shriek at the sight of him.
    Some love peas, some hate it. Some love meat, others will give meat eaters a wide berth at meal times , igniting furious debates on “benefits of vegetarianism vis-a-vis non vegetarianism”.
    But we have managed to have some pretty beautiful moments along the way, through the years. Some placid, sitting on the rug and playing scrabble type moments , and some hair-raising ,climbing the hill in pouring rain type moments .
    But we care for each other, and , in the end , that is what matters.

  4. …walking around here degrading yourself by calling yourselves “hood niggas” but I tell you to respect me as a man. I am a man and I take care of “my family” by busting my ass everyday at work. Making sure our sons and daughters are educated, well-groomed, and respectable!

  5. Oh I really, really miss my family. My family consisted of my grandparents; followed by their three daughters, one of which was my mother. Then there were the two uncles who wed into the family. Add to that the next generation: my female cousin, my “baby brother,” and me. We all lived in an apartment complex owned by my grandparents. Sometimes there were too many eyes keeping watch over my brother and me. That actually was good because when my father abandoned my mother and her children the entire family made an even more tight and loving unit to protect us and watch over us. Although there were moments when my family could drive me crazy with their individual negative characteristics now that they’re gone I miss them so very much. I have the most wonderful memories to cherish. And call me insane but when I was diagnosed with breast cancer I dreamt that there was a knock on my door. When I went to open it I was amazed that there stood one of my aunts and grandmother. When I turned around to look into my living room I did a double-take because there sat my other aunt and my mother. No one said anything. Somehow instinctively I knew that this terriblel disease wouldn’t be the cause of my death. I knew that I was going to survive. Oh, I forgot to tell you: by this time they had all been dead for some time.

  6. Family – what an amazing plan for our life on this earth! Unconditional love, support in every situation, good or bad. Family – a wonderful (and amusing) array of personalities that somehow meld into a perfect blend. Family – the wonder of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren smothered in a blanket of love.

  7. My family keeps me stable. ,but they didn’t always. My mother abused me when I was younger physically and mentally and verbally. She called me stupid and other terrible names. She beet me terribly leaving lots of bruised marks on me. I reported her to social services many times. But they didn’t do much. Then when I was twenty she kicked me out of the house. So I moved to an apartment in Sturgeon Bay. Then I almost married my ex boyfriend Chris Ploor. He beet me too. He was controlling and took advantage of me. Then mike at the time my friend help me get out of that relationship. Then I fell for mike. He’s everything to me. He treats me like a queen. We got married and now have a daughter that we don’t have custody of. Now I get along really well with my mom. We worked some things out and some things are still not talked about. But for the most part I get along with my family and they keep me stable.

  8. Shira choked on the dust. Her salivary glands stopped producing moisture hours ago. The coppery taste of blood shocked her tongue when the truck hit a deep rut in the desert road. Burlap strips tied tightly around her eyes and face smelled of fear and vomit. She listened hard for recognizable sounds but heard only the growling of the truck’s engine pushing them deeply into enemy territory. As her hope dimmed she wondered, “Will I ever see my family again?”

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