Rock It

He walked into the classroom intending to rock it and change some lives. The teacher approached with her hand extended to welcome him when the pain hit. It felt like someone was pounding a bowling ball into his chest. The situation blurred, but he was aware that the teacher was requesting an ambulance from somewhere. Then Stacy was beside him, crying, saying “Daddy, Daddy!” He wanted to respond, but . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Rock It”

  1. I was asleep, dreaming about flying through space, when I heard a voice say “Rocket.” I looked around, saw nothing, and continued to sleep. I felt a push, and “Rocket!” more urgently this time. I woke up and heard the baby crying in the next room. My wife said, “Rock it,” and then turned back over to sleep.

  2. “P. Put the tranny in P,” he reminded himself through clenched teeth.
    The engine slowed to idle, and he was aware of how fast the breaths were coming.
    “Ced!” A cry to his left, toward the rear. “We’ll rock it,” yelled Tucker, “Easy on the gas. We’re caked back here!”
    “Mmkay,” Cedric muttered from behind the fogged, half-open window. He tugged on the shifter until it jolted downward, thunking the red indicator bar atop the D.

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