I’m looking for naked products. That means they are not wrapped or packaged in plastic. Yes, I’m trying to reduce my use of plastic as an environmental concern. You can find naked food at some grocery stores  (take a cloth bag for produce that you need to bag) but some things are a little harder to find. Yesterday I received my first naked shampoo. It comes in a bar, is shipped in paper in a recycled cardboard box.

I tried it out. Just the naked bar, no conditioner, no product during the combing process. Seems okay to me. Plus I sorta smell good.

The hair

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Naked”

  1. There is one fact that is a certainty when a newborn emerges from a loving mother’s womb. She will have dreams, aspirations, hopes, fears, apprehensions, and expectations, and each of those will change as the infant grows into a toddler, from a child into an adult. Time will twist that babe into knots, but the individual that emerges will only feel truly loved when naked against the bosom that gave them life.

  2. “How much?”
    Cole’s head convulsed. His eyes blinked, suddenly unaware, “Huh?”
    “S’mattah, pal You deef? I axed how much?”
    “Five!” Cole shot back, hanging the ‘eff’ a moment too long.
    Brows raised, and chin dropped, the retailer’s stance stiffened.
    “Five what, bud. I don’t do bizzniss in naked numbas.”
    “Pfft,” Cole stifled a snort. He wouldn’t have figured this the place freshman science would bite him in the backside. Then again, much of life lately wasn’t as he’d figured it would be.

  3. Naked
    I smile
    and think of babies and young children.
    Just them
    wrapped in their skin.
    No shame
    The uncomfortable feelings
    about our bare skin
    with age.
    Thinking this is not proper…..

  4. I love it. I too, tire of drowning in sheets of recombined petrochemical molecules. The ocean is now a solution of liquid plastic. Cancer the world round is largely contributed to by plastic, in cahoots with industrial chemicals, pesticides, chlorine in water, everything leeching into us and sapping life out by the minute. The only plastic I’m interested in is the plasticity of the brain, as they call it, the ability to form new neural networks simply by thought and mental work. Next step: hemp, rather than wood pulp, paper.

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