Here Comes a Woman

Walking Woman

Two used car dealers were inside the showroom, pouring coffee. One looked outside. “Here comes a woman,” he announced.

“My turn, dude. This one goes into my checking account,” the second announced.

“Bet you $50 you can’t sell her that clunker Mustang,” said first guy.

“You’re on!” Second guy straightened his tie and went outside to meet his latest sucker.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Here Comes a Woman”

  1. She felt liberated with each step on the tiled concrete. No betraying thoughts. Just action. This time she would not sabotage herself. This time she is the boss who is competent and intelligent. When she enters the building of egos and titles she wants to hear, “here comes a woman.”

  2. Red, blue, green. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She could NOT be wearing such a dreadful outfit to my wedding. She could. She would just because. If only I had my holiday lights.

    But enough, enough dread on such a lovely day. It is, after all, my day.

  3. The irony wasn’t lost on him. The song litling from his earbuds was Brad Paisley’s duet with Andy Griffith, Waiting on a Woman, and he’d been doing just that. Waiting.

    But as the song had intoned, it was so worth it.

    She turned the corner at the top of the stairs, just as Paisley crooned, “I don’t mind,” and Andy Griffith finished the thought, “waitin’ on a woman.”

    In that moment, as her perfume roiled up behind her and cascaded down to the landing, the anxiety had washed away in an inhalation.

    Read the rest here:

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