Been in Texas the last few days. I’m set up to work in my daughter’s home office, which shares space with two kennels where her dogs sleep at night. I would like to thank Febreze for making the air in the room safe to breathe every morning. Dear Febreze, you can kill odors for me anytime. Love, Virginia.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Fresh”

  1. I asked my daughter to make A Rangoli art( colored design pattern) on the floor.She says she does not know how too do it, I was about to get angry commenting on her age, maturity & what not.Then suddenly I stopped myself, I needed a fresh way of telling her what, how & why it is to be done. To freshen life wait a moment & think for a fresh approach to solve problems.

  2. Me & friend Rajen are sitting in the college canteen. The college rage Anita enters the scene, I say : ” here comes a woman.” Rajen is staring at her & spills some tea on his pants, it seems he has not heard me. I show him what he has done.Again his attention is drawn to Anita and he tries to clean his pants with the same tea instead of water.We have a great laugh.

  3. When I think of the word fresh
    I think of laundry
    that hangs outside on a line
    in the wonderful sunshine.
    Fresh is what they smell
    when you take them off the line
    and bring inside.
    No scent compares this Fresh smell….

  4. Fresh.
    That was what she said. I was not dubbed this sobriquet because of a close shave or bearing the scent of an Irish spring: the title was bestowed upon me for my lascivious comment concerning the colorful image festooned across her lower vertebrae and down to, I presumed, her coccyx.

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