Wake Up

Honey, I’m wide awake as soon as my eyes open. I don’t get your problem – why don’t you like to wake up? What is so wonderful about being half awake and refusing to get out of bed? And why do you slog around like a zombie for the first hour or so you are up in the morning? If you plan to be my child for the next few years, and I think you do, then you need to wake up!

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Wake Up”

  1. Wake up I can remember telling people.
    All my life I have woke up running
    morning my high energy time.
    This is not so lately
    it takes me a little longer lately
    Guess this is what life
    going through the 70′ s is like.
    A lot is changing but lucky it waited
    until now….

  2. Please Don’t Wake Up! You have had so many setbacks lately, and I am proud of you for conquering each. Part of your recovery has involved righting irregular sleep patterns, so over the past few days when I have seen you still asleep when I wake up, I have smiled.

  3. In the morning, when I wake, it takes me a second to remember that i am back in my body. I keep my eyes closed and try to remember the details of my nighttime flight. Then I focus on the day ahead and visualize a positive day using affirmations to punctuate.

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