Get some sleep

In children, sleep is a paradox. They don’t want to go to bed for fear they will miss something, but in the morning they don’t want to wake up from their slumbers. In the midst of life, sleep is elusive and hard to find. Most such people are chronically exhausted. Late in life, sleep may tempt early in the evening because the old bones are tired – while sleeping past the wee hours before dawn becomes impossible because of aches and pains. For something that humans do naturally, sleep is a mystery.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Get some sleep”

  1. For tonight’s entertainment, Clint Eastwood and I ride through Akron to meet a guy I used to work with.
    Speed through umpteen voids and dreams until your trip over your death. Then you’ll lie in a cold room till the universe blows apart like dandelion seeds.

  2. Sleep eludes insomaniacs like sea waves.Worry about getting sleep also begets sleeplessness.Counting sheep, reverse counting, counting stars on the terrace does not help, what to do? Drink hot milk, avoid TV, avoid,afternoon slumber?

  3. Deprived is the sight of the minds wide awake eyes,
    Slipping sweetly into the thunder of a silent nights slumber
    Terrors spin as you grip your pillow, trip and flip under your mattress where the goblins live,
    Your trapped now, fate sealed with the sound of your own squeal,
    Until the bright rise of the next morning’s appeal.

  4. Doctors want you to sleep 7 or 8 hours a night. They say it is vital for good health and an alert mind.
    People who HAVE to work for a living never sleep well. Especially as they age. Everyone is exhausted always and relief is non-existent. Too much stress, too much worry, and never a break.
    There is no such thing as tired because it has to be ignored to survive.
    Get some sleep.
    This does not qualify as advice. It is more a mockery of life’s cruelty.

  5. The three defining moments are the upraised hand, the chase down the stairs with the children watching from the landing and the name no one else had ever called her to her face. Tonight, other defining moments are a blur. She hopes she can remember the happier ones tomorrow so she can get some sleep.

  6. “Get some sleep,” the Sergeant of the Guard said. “You’re commander of the second relief. By 2400, have ’em up and have ’em posted in towers 1, 2, and 3.”

    Three days in country and I’m in charge of keeping charlie outside the wire tonight?


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