Empty Trash

She opened the lid on the trash barrel and raised her trash bag to dump it in. “Are you sure you want to empty the contents of your trash?” the barrel asked. “Respond with Yes, No, or Cancel,” the barrel said.

“Yes,” she answered, and tossed in the trash bag. As she walked away she heard the sound of the trash being dematerialized. She smiled. “Bye, bye,” she whispered.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Empty Trash”

  1. I was just starting my career–money was hard to come by. My wife and I had rented a small place in South Gate, CA and I needed a workbench to repair and make a few things for the house. I needed a 2 by 6 board 5 feet long to finish it. I crawled into my old car and headed for the lumber yard. About a block away, still inside our tract, I saw an ugly painted board sticking out of a trash can. I grabbed it. It was perfect except for the mustard colored paint. I didn’t even have to saw the board. Trash to some folks is a fortune to others.

  2. I was staring intensely at my laptop, trying to decide if they should be read or not. These mail messages contained information I have been searching for for quite some time. But now, with one click of the button, I could find out who my wife is having an affair with. No doubt where this road would lead once I ‘ve found him, the logical thing to do would be to trash the mail along with my wife.

  3. Yesterday I cleaned from my closet two trash bags full of clothes I haven’t worn in over a year. I actually threw away only one stained shirt. The rest I’ll load up and take to a thrift shop which donates its proceeds to local nonprofits, thus turning my trash into treasure.

  4. The only cure for packrat syndrome seems to be moving house. Before that, every effort I make at it amounts to scraping the mold off the cheese and maybe changing the ziploc, but keeping the cheese. It’s just to hard to let go of items that fit somewhere between trash and treasure. Mainly, I just worry that Murphy’s Law will come into effect as soon as I biff whatever into the bin, magically creating a specific need for that thing again.

  5. “She halted abruptly when the trash can burped. Turning around on her heel, she watched in horror as the regurgitated mess slithered out, following her into the alley. It would be dark soon, she realised, shivering. Surely, nobody would find Roger’s remains before she had boarded her flight to Brazil?”

    1. MONDAY

      Monday’s child is fair of face,
      Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
      Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
      Thursday’s child has far to go,
      Friday’s child is loving and giving,
      Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
      But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

  6. I needed somewhere to hide the cash. And fast. I poured all of it into the bottom of the trash, and proceed to cover it up with actual garbage. This should do the trick, for now. I went through the “don’t forget” list in my head before grabbing my keys and running out the apartment door.

    When I knew it was safe to go back, I did. When I got to my trash, it was empty. All was left was a note that read “-Thanks.”

  7. She has put the larger linings into the smaller dustbins .Again. She always does this . On purpose irrational behaviour . So that I begin ranting and raving and be chastised again for my insensitive remarks , racial , gender biased , so on and so forth .

    Another solution is to ask her to empty the trash , wash the bins , upturn them and leave them to dry in the sun . That way , when I come out of the shower , the bins are all nice and clean and dry , and I can line them whichever way it pleases me .

    Now , my mornings are bright , and days rancour free . I have clean bins , and I donot shout at my maid anymore . A simple solution .

    I remember when I used to water the plants on her arrival . The muddy water from their bases , running into a puddle at the top of the stairs and leaving mud coloured streaks , which she had to clean . Her brows would wrinkle in silent protest , every time I did that . Now , I have gone and bought base plates for all pots , which holds the run off water , and doesn’t create sludge anymore . Win-win situation.

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