Almost sunup

We meet just after dawn in the park every Wednesday. I get there a bit early to set up an iPod and a little speaker so we have music during our Tai Chi practice. It’s a treat for me, this weekly wakeup time watching the sunrise and stretching out the kinks on the grass. I sometimes wonder if the people who live near the park hear our Chinese music, look out their windows, and think we’re crazy.

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2 Responses to Wednesday

  1. Ron Herb says:

    Another mile and my morning run is complete. I often joke that my “pre-dawn” ritual, is about being on the downhill side of 40 and eating like I am still 24. True be told, I get a lot of mileage out of knowing I have already done more today than the rest of these office zombies will do all day

  2. A coworker and I were doing an audit of a client in New York City–we stopped for a quick lunch and afterwards sat in a small city park. There were a few park benches and it was quite nice.

    A young woman in her mid-twenties came out of the little cafe where we had just been–she was a bit homely. She was dressed well and probably worked in a nearby office.

    She stopped and started doing Tai Chi. Within a few minutes she became beautiful!

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