Happy Holidays

I’m taking next week off for the holidays. Thank you for reading and writing with me. I appreciate every reader, every comment.  A happy holiday to you filled with peace and love.

Please leave a comment with your first 50 words on the topic “happy holidays.”

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5 Responses to Happy Holidays

  1. I don’t use “Holy Day” (Holiday) when speaking of Christmas. I have made it a goal to force people to say Merry Christmas. When I am at a store and they say Happy Holiday–I say,”And a Merry Christmas to you and yours!” About 90% of the time they will repeat Merry Christmas.
    And after all it was originally a Mass said for Jesus Christ. The Evergreen tree was added to our Christmas celebration a hundred plus years ago as a symbol of “living” or “life” as the Evergreen never dies in winter but has leaves all year long–a symbol of the everlasting life of Jesus. So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

  2. Pseudonymous the Younger says:

    Nick didn’t think of himself as a Grinch. He had never read that book, or any other book for that matter. Besides, he wasn’t out to steal Christmas–just the new 39-inch HD TV, the X Box system, Dora the Explorer’s Tree House, and whatever other wrapped or bowed junk he could sell for a buck–a man has the right to make a living doesn’t he? And if the owner of the house should wake up and disturb Nick at his midnight labors, well, even a working man has his hobbies.

  3. Dionysus says:

    Ahhhh, Happy Holidays is a complicated thing, baby. Maybe you are happy to have a couple of days off if you are lucky. Maybe you are happy to be with family. Maybe you are happy to be alone. Maybe you want to just sleep all day and regenerate your frayed nerves. Maybe you want to get mercifully and forgivingly drunk.
    Unhappy Holidays to some. Alone, broken and broke, lost without a compass. A thin, greassy burger in a McDonald’s Parking lot on Christmas day. Coffee in a styrofoam cup. Watching your breath escape your lungs into the cold and praying a piece of hope has not gone with it.
    There’s a yin and a yang to the whole thing. Whatever makes you happy versus the impossibility of being happy to some at this time of year.
    It ain’t black and white, baby. Not all shiny lights and bulging bellies. We would all do well to remember that.

  4. Ike Milligan says:

    “Happy Holidays”. Every year about this time, I let my whiskers grow out. Other times, I also let my whiskers grow out. Occasionally I cut and shave off my whiskers. Santa Claus has lots of white whiskers. I have a lot of issues finding the right presents to give people.

  5. Kessa says:

    Happy Holidays to you Grandma Grossie because you reached your heavenly home this year. Happy Holidays to you, father, because you were strong in the face of losing your mother. Happy Holidays to you, father-in-law, because despite your degenerative muscle disease you continue to laugh and inspire others. Happy Holidays.

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