Cheap plastic beads strung on a bit of kite string can turn into a precious gift when they are made just for you by little hands. Especially the kind of beads that allow you to spell out meaningful messages. Make someone happy with a handcrafted bead bracelet today.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Beads”

  1. We used to play with “pop-it” beads. These are colored beads with a hole on one side and a piece sticking out on the other. You could make bracelets or necklaces by putting the beads together.We exchange colors with friends, and make beautiful “jewelry”.What great memories..Thanks!

  2. Actively engaged in the art of necklace making using beads and popcorn while working as a Teaching Assistant in Lavender hill. The hill was a road that did not smell of Lavender. In fact is was anything but Lavender-ish. The other side of the Hill though was Yummy Mummy Road.

  3. Art therapy in the crazy house on Wednesday’s was beading bracelets. The motley group of patients filtered into the Sun Room and began crowding around the bowls of beads. The lettered beads were the most popular; and unfortunately almost every vowel was missing. Seemed so cruel to send emotionally unstable people on a pointless quest for A’s and E’s.

  4. When I see the word Beads
    what comes to mind is my Mala.
    A bracelet I was introduced to 4 years ago.
    I wear this Mala daily and it reminds
    me to stay centered.
    Reminds me of what is important
    and what is not…..

  5. As a high school freshman I received a beaded bracelet in a Christmas gift exchange. Certain colors brought certain charms. Red was for courage, blue was for peace. The giver and I were strangers. Did she recognize cowardice and discord in my life? Can you truly be conscious of things in others that you do not see in yourself?

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