Your morning cup of joe

How (or where) do you get your morning coffee? Are you grinding your own beans or using ground coffee? What kind of coffeepot do you have? I recently bought a stainless steel french press coffee maker in an effort to get my coffee away from plastic. Makes great coffee and I love using it.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

10 thoughts on “Your morning cup of joe”

  1. A couple of mornings a week I drink coffee and the rest of the time several cups of green tea. Like to grind the beans for the best flavor. Have french press but rarely use it. With this reminder I will begin again….

  2. On mornings when my apartment building sways from heavy winds — seriously, you should see the pendant light fixtures in my kitchen swing back and forth — I opt to stay inside and brew my own coffee. Simple espresso roast, stainless steel machine, glass carafe and a dangerous amount of cream — that’s the ideal morning cup of Joe.

  3. My latest guilty pleasure is espresso. A recent trip to the south to France got me hooked. I spent mornings at the local bakery eating fresh croissants and sipping dark, sweet espresso. The vacation season had been over for a month and the streets were quiet. I’ll be back.

  4. I pour my morning coffee into a tall, red cardboard cup. There are at least eight pots brewing, each different. There are at least eight people pouring, each different. Work boots mingle with loafers and sneakers. Every walk of life walks toward caffeine.

  5. The new father burnt his tongue on the morning cup of joe provided to him this morning by his father-in-law while the two men eagerly awaited the newborn and her mother to make their entrance into the waiting room. The cardboard cup contained a steaming liquid that barely qualified as coffee: it was hot and brewed from beans. He wasn’t about to shoot a gift horse in the mouth, especially when the gift was provided by the man who gave his wife away at their wedding.

  6. Whenever the dark roasted smell of my man’s morning cup of joe awakes me, I wake with a smile. You see, I am not a coffee drinker. Never have been and never will be. Can’t stand the bitter taste of the stuff. Yet, I absolutely love its aroma. Always have and always will. To me it’s one of those smells that tells you you’re home with the ones you love…

  7. My husband always makes our coffee in the shiny new Tassimo coffee maker. He had the flu last week. Even with an advanced degree in English, couldn’t make heads or tails of the instructions for all of those little pods. I dragged him out of bed. We just had to have it.

  8. I did not have any coffee this morning. Lately I have been drinking a hot cup of tea. I hardly ever add anything to my tea. Actions to come are often predicated by the actions of today or yesterday. What does my plain Jane, vanilla, but hot, beverage say about me?

  9. What keeps me going? Is it morning cup a joe or a moaning of a hoe. In the sheets we keep it closed, so discrete she curls my toes, in the streets she holds her own, I love her more than she knows. When she’s gone I’m on the phone saying I can’t wait for you to come home, she’s my morning cup of joe!

  10. I value coffee more than I value gasoline in my car. Maybe that’s because I have yet to re-purchase a car. Ah! Never mind that nonsense. I sniff my coffee when I get it but that’s only when I’m happy with the barista. Lately my Memphis Starbucks Barista sucks. I mean really sucks. A pit of emotionless African-American woman. I suppose she is unhappy for various reasons and as much as I would like to not admit it, it has everything to do with my morning cup of joe. I just want to feel the sniff again

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