The Book

The book was maddening. I cursed it with passion and threw in to the floor where it skittered into the corner like a rock on water. It sat there for two days. Finally I picked it up, just to tidy the corner. I opened it and began reading again. It made me so angry I started a blog in protest. Within days I had over 1000 comments from people who were as incensed as I was about the book.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “The Book”

  1. I just retiurned seven books to the library today This speaks volumes about what I’ve been doing lately. Nothing but reading. It’s getting harder and harder to exit the car totting all of those novels. I have to rock my way out. My own life has become a little stale. I’d better start writing a new one.

  2. She started making the book thirty years ago. By now, its thick, heavy-stock pages were full of family snapshots, cut-out newspaper stories and school certificates for good grades or perfect attendance. The hand prints were her favorite — she remembered dipping her children’s growing hands into blue paint and pressing them neatly onto pages inside the book.

  3. His mother-in-law sat next to them quietly reading a book. She perused the latest smutty looking romance book in earnest because she had that luxury. She had been on the other side of the door twice before and she knew exactly what to expect. The men that accompanied her leafed nervously through the well-worn copies of Sports Illustrated, skimming articles that seemed relevant three months ago.

  4. My intentions were to flip through a few instances. Gain knowledge but I get stuck on definitions. Eyelids getting heavy extra reading I didn’t intend to do but I’m getting through to my result. Check my pulse I’m getting excited of learning something new; but it won’t keep me awake on this 500 page book!

  5. He had been looking for The Book his entire life. The one that would change his life. That collection of ink and paper and words that could take him from the life he had to the life he wanted. He never found The Book. Finally, it dawned on him to write it.

  6. My father inquired if I had read the book he sent and I had to admit that I had not. He insisted that I read the tome before he would send out his Christmas gifts this year. As I opened the book I noticed an inscription that I had not seen before. Shamed, I noted that it was dated December, 2000. I had held on to this unread, yet recommended book for 12 years.

  7. i had read the book before, but there were things in my life that were pushing me to read it again. i felt as if i were the character in the book, chained to the tallest tower in the middle of nowhere. i closed my eyes to see the world i read, the clouds, the sky, the chains. freedom was just a lock pick away if i only had the right tools.

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