Stay Amazed

Sometimes we forget to be amazed by modern technology. Stay amazed. In the grand scheme of things, the way we live now is a blip and modern technology is a recent revolution. Stay amazed.

A few minutes ago I saw this tweet.

I admire Alex Steffen and appreciate his work, so I quickly checked out the book on Amazon and within about 2 1/2 seconds I had it downloaded to my Kindle Reader. You have to admit, the whole interaction between Twitter, Amazon, and my device is pretty amazing.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Stay Amazed”

  1. If I don’t stay amazed life can become quite mundane. I look for miracles in the throats of flowers and in a ten foot giant squid just captured on film. I get emails from Saigon and from New Zealand. I’m still alive even after a five year bout with an agressive form of cancer. I’m amazed a the kindness of strangers, the indifference of some and the cruelty of others. Today I’m amazed at my husband’s blueberry pancakes.

  2. Never cease from abrupt occurrences that’s out of my control, I need to take a hold of the wheel. Pump the brakes or pop a pill nothin a Advil can’t heal. How else can I stop my nerves by studying the word? Still absurd how this life is when the church ends mine begins…so amazed!

  3. Is it possible to stay amazed when you have the flu? When the sky is bland and gray clouds hang low, is it possible to stay amazed? I sip black tea and look at my toes — they’re rough, cuticles overgrown, dark polish chipped. A pedicure is needed. Can I still be amazed? I’m alive, so yes, I think I can.

  4. Stay amazed. The perfect goal. To experience life, always, with eyes wide open like a three month old child. Maybe even with a silly grin and saliva on your chin.
    You get bludgeoned, though. Distracted. Numbness replaces amazement and before you know it the only thing that excites you is not getting excited.
    Periodic amazement ain’t a bad compromise, though. If you can be periodically and genuinely amazed from time to time, your battery won’t die.
    Gotta make it happen.

  5. I am amazed at the light and dark of life. The sun rises and makes everything warmer. Darkness falls and cools the air. A stranger’s smile under the sun. A friend’s betrayal by night. The most amazing thing is how quickly and quietly the lamp burns out and the candle is lit.

  6. Across from the three of them was a rambunctious family of four. The two children were squirming in their seats as their mouths emitted saliva that dripped everywhere in a five foot radius, specifically the family’s plethora of Apple products. Everyone’s gaze was focused on them. It was hard to tell what caused them to stay amazed: the lack of parenting of the misuse of the technology that was being used to babysit them.

  7. I am constantly in awe of how I can hold an entire conversation with someone and not even hear their voice! My smart phone is usually current and just when I’ve gotten all the apps exactly how I want them, my smart phone is obsolete. It is easy to stay amazed at how quickly something can be the next big thing and then be nothing at all.

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