The Movies

I love the movies. Movies have been hallmarks in my life, built my cultural background, provided thrills and joy, provoked thought, ignited discussion, and given me many a reusable line of dialog to apply in life’s daily situations. Yet, when I listen to the list of movies nominated for best picture this year, I realize I’ve been slacking on making it out to the multiplex. If I see an Oscar nominated picture on Netflix months after it came out, that doesn’t bother me. I remember a time when I made a big effort to see them all before any awards were given.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “The Movies”

  1. I saw my husband at the movies today, with another woman. I almost spilled my popcorn. I frequently see him with other women. But he’s been dead for over fifteen years. Is there a better story at the multiplex?

  2. “Why don’t we go to the movies anymore?” Zell asked, tapping the screen on her phone with her left index finger. “Look, there are like five movies playing right now that I’d go see.” Zell slid the phone along the wooden table all pockmarked and scarred with past coffee drinkers’ initials until it rested directly next to the open book I was reading. “See,” she said, pointing, “five.”
    I shifted my eyes from my book to the illuminated screen blaring movie titles, star ratings, viewer reviews, and trailers. It was too much; I preferred the quietness and simplicity of reading. “Then go see them,” I said. “See all of them. I’ll be here reading.”

  3. The movies. Some consider it an escape from reality, but really it becomes your reality for a while. And if you are watching Pink Flamingos that is a definite problem.
    I have fond memories of sneaking food and booze into the theater. Carol sold Tupperware and had awesome sealable cups that did not leak. I’d fill a cup with whiskey and she would throw it in her bag. As I think back on it I am amazed that no do gooder ever turned me in. Hard to disguise the whiskey aroma. But then again, being concerned with everybody else’s business was not as big a disease as it is today.
    Carol would make popcorn and sneak that in too so we didn’t have to pay $45 for 1 oz.
    Movies rest my brain from worry and regret and stimulate my emotions. Some make me think.
    I love movies for that. For giving me a different reality to live in for a couple of hours.
    Sweet release.

  4. Life should be more like the movies. Imagine if your day came complete with a soundtrack. In the morning your favorite song would spur you into your day. When you have snags with your friends, you would hear something that would make you realize how much they mean to you. When you can’t find the words, a piano ballad would tell her that you love her.

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