Trust Me

He started his explanation with, “Trust me.” That’s why I knew he was lying. That and the fact that I’d seen him entering the Days Inn with Sally MacClure from the Mazda dealership. Sally and her jiggling jugs, simpering smile, and willingness to break up someone else’s marriage.

When I held up the photo on my phone, he . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

11 thoughts on “Trust Me”

  1. This morning when i tried to put my feet on the floor for the first time that day..i cried out to God…I don’t want to do this…i’m tired, i’m scared and even if you say you’ll take my burdens for me, i still feel like i’ve a sack of bricks on my back. But I touched the ground and now i can write about it. Burdens are a funny thing, we decide how many bricks we put on our back, the world throws in a few for good measure then we carry it like a mantle of judgement.

  2. “Trust me,” said my husband, the doctor, as he approached with a large syringe. “This won’t hurt me a bit.”

    “But this will,” I said as I handed him my bill from Nordstoms on the way out.

  3. Trust me. You are worth it. You only have one life and you need to get out there and live it. Trust me. I have known you longer than anybody. Give yourself some credit. You are smart and nice and considerate. Appreciate yourself and what you have to give others. Trust me. And stop speaking to reflections.

  4. “Trust me. I know exactly what I’m talking about.” But he doesn’t. I knew he didn’t. He had no experience. I had all the experience. Somehow he wanted to question what I knew based off his idea when he had no experience! I’ve never trusted a man less.

  5. Trust me if I had a buck for every time he said trust me I’d have a lot of bucks. Trust me the rope will hold, I turned the power off, the charcoal look disguises the taste, Sundays just a day but Monday is a pain in the butt. Trust me, yeah like I would

  6. When my mom said “trust me” when I was a child, I did. Of course I did. Moms are to be trusted. It was a given. It’s odd that those words uttered from other people’s mouths don’t spark that same blind trust. It’s hard to tell when that switch happened.

  7. It was the early 70’s; I was 18 and he was 21. We had gone out on three days but he had me on the first kiss. As he looked in my eyes and said “Trust Me”, I did as he made passionate love to me. We just celebrated 41 years of marriage so I’m glad I did trust him.

  8. With so much skepticism in the world, only man and woman can be the reason. Different languages and interpretations to fit into our comfortable zone. Listening to messages like I know that you’re struggling but here comes your blessings! False hope putting our destiny and fate into Man when you have the Spirit! Ever heard of the Second Coming? Trust me…

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