Excuse Me

It embarrassed me to be out in public with her. She was one of those women who approached people she was offended by and exclaimed, “Excuse me!” in that tone of voice that implied that the target of her remarks was a idiot. With just voice and words, she stopped people from taking her seat at the coffee shop, from cutting in front of her in line, and from standing in her way. Later, when she was gone, I missed . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Excuse Me”

  1. When people bump into me these days, they don’t even say, “Excuse me.” It’s as though I’m invisible, disappearing siowly like an ice sculpture. But that’s OK. No one will notice.

  2. Excuse and me are synonyms. For every possible action there is inaction. There is a reason not to do everything. Failure, fear, and rejection keep me hidden in my room no matter where I am. Do you ever feel like that? Does life hold you down?

  3. She sipped the lukewarm, oversweet coffee and winced at the java’s inadequacy to quench her morning’s desire. The river stretched far into the horizon, a glimmering wonder with an overwhelming stench. “Excuse me,” said an exceedingly tall man with a woven hat of palm leaves.

  4. “Oh! Excuse me!”

    She was tiny, but tiny in that way of perfect balance, each small feature and limb in balance with the other. Her hair was perfect too, and her makeup so artfully applied that it did what makeup is supposed to do, enhance without being noticed.

    Her belch was deep, resonant, and unexpected.

  5. I think the phrase “excuse me” should be used in a practical way. There should be a truth evaluator in our heads that alerts us to disingenuous comments that we make and forces us to apologize.
    As in “Excuse me, I was really trying to intimidate you even though I am no tougher than you.”
    Or “Excuse me, I was trying to prove that I am smarter than you even though I am not.”
    Or “Excuse me I was just trying to prove that my interests, my approach to life, my experiences and my knowledge are more valuable than yours when that is obviously not true.”
    The excuse me confession would eliminate a lot of guessing and tortured interpretation.

  6. “Excuse me!” He said in a rude manner, “who are you to say anything?” Did I just hear him right? He was the one who wanted to pout like a child. He was the one who wanted to get angry. I looked him square in the eye and said, “No, excuse YOU!”

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