The View from the Back Seat

Reading in the car made me sick so I amused myself by watching what was going on in the front seat. Sometimes it was boring. Sometimes there was hand holding. Sometimes the driver used the steering wheel as a lever to pull and stretch his back. Sometimes the driver smoked. There were infrequent burst of conversation. It could put a girl to sleep in no time.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “The View from the Back Seat”

  1. From the back seat….the only thing I could do was peak between the seats to see what lyed ahead. From the back seat…I couldn’t hear the conversation because the music was to loud. From the back seat I couldn’t control what station played on the radio. From the back seat the only thing I could do was turn my head to the left or right and stare out of the window.

  2. “Touch me here,” she said, pulling my hand to the moist warmth I was helping to generate in the cold back seat of her brother’s car.

    She is the one who taught me, at 14 in the community tree house, about kissing with your tongue.

    Class was back in session.

  3. Pepsi sticking to the vinyl of backseat of the Chrysler made my father crazy. It was the first car we had that was made in the same decade he owned it. He was proud of its sleek lines. All of our cars had been crates, or chest freezers riding down the blue two lane highway.

  4. The view from the back seat was all ways a dangerous one. Place three boys in close proximity too one another on a 8 hour drive. This typically meant someone’s ultimate displeasure. Even as grade school students we did not fit the backseat. I remember on those trips staring out at the evergreens as they blurred by. Then as we reached my grandfather’s house scooting all the way forward to not miss the first glimpse of his red little house.

  5. I wake up every morning in the back seat of my Kia. Sometimes a loud truck rudely jars me awake. During the winter it’s the cold. When I first open my eyes, I see the stained back of the driver’s seat. This car’s seen better days. I guess I have too. My bed isn’t too comfy, but at least I’m short. It could be worse.

  6. The view from the back seat. This is not what I had planned. I thought I would always be up front with the best view and the best opportunities. They asked me to sit in the back temporarily, to make room, and I have never been able to make it back up front.
    I can mock them from the back seat. Silently, with contorted facial expressions and specific sign language. I am not distracted by the road so my comments are more pointed, and have more depth. Sarcasm and irony floating right over their heads.
    They wear their seat belts religiously. I do not.
    What’s the point?

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