Set Them Free

Fizzy, sparkling, live, carbonated.
Bubbles just want to be free.
Unscrew the lid, hear the whoosh
Hope the overflow drips
On something it won’t harm.
Drink it down and wait
For the burp.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Set Them Free”

  1. Set them slaves free,
    Let them roam our land!
    We are brother throughout,
    hand in hand we shall stand!
    If color and pity will change our impression
    maybe it’s us, who need another blessin’!

  2. Stray ideas, phrases, sounds,
    and sometimes
    complete sentences
    Pop into my mind
    and start a riot
    If not released
    with immediate effect

    like budgerigars
    arguing inside their cage
    like so many canines
    straining at their leash
    barking hoarse
    like a caged lion
    pacing round and round
    gone crazy

    the words stumble
    around, dashing
    and bruising themselves
    inside the
    cranial confines
    looking for release

    So ,
    in the end
    set them free
    pleased to see
    them soar in the sky
    race on the ground
    or roar , unchecked
    in the prairie

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