Whatever happened to

Whatever happened to cursive writing? It’s extinct. Dead and gone. People who can decipher cursive writing are becoming as rare as people who can code in COBAL. Do we even need cursive writing skills? Everyone communicates by typing, texting, dictating. Sending a hand written note in cursive writing is over. Over, I say. Over. (Sigh.)

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to”

  1. I love cursive writing
    receiving a letter, note or special card with hand written message in it.
    Almost wish I did not receive them on the computer.
    Like to pick up the special paper
    and read over and over again
    and place in my special basket
    with other hand written treasures…

  2. Whatever happened to what’s his name? I think he married what’s her name. I think they had a kid and moved to what’s that place’s name? I know where you mean but whatever happened to the town with the tar pits? It was closed because they used the stuff to whatever that new highway is called.

  3. Cursive writing started to disappear with the use of technology in schools and the home. Some schools have terminated their instructional role concerning this beautiful art. Cursive writing reveals the personality of people and is used to annotate checks and other significant documents used in business. We still need it.

  4. They saw me ,
    took stock
    and asked me
    in horror,
    clamping their
    musty hands
    over their
    mouths –
    “Oh !
    to your
    hair ?”

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