Well, I guess I was 19 when my hair started going gray. First it was just a few hairs. Then a few streaks. Sometimes little kids would ask me if I’d been painting when they looked at my hair. Now it’s almost 100% gray with just a few stray brown hairs still hiding in there. There was no traumatic event turning me gray – no near drowning, no car wreck. Still, 19 is a little early. I have a theory about it. . .

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Writer and teacher who benefits from following the principles of writing practice set forth by Natalie Goldberg.
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3 Responses to 19

  1. LuSay says:

    By the time I was 19 sex had become so casual it was almost boring.

  2. Debby Proulx says:


    Sweeping the dust from my bones, my own children grown, I revisit an aged 19. An onslaught of feelings and memories sweep into me, as I recall a time where insane insecurities, threatened to overwhelm but the bravery of youth holds fast to succeed. Today, in the midst of life, yet closer to death, I still search for the perfect formula to living. I ache to become that breathless rush of youth charging into yet another rootless adventure. I feel the urge to flip the bird to being responsible before the earth swallows me whole.

  3. anthony mazzella says:

    I remember when the whole world was 19 something or another. It only took one thousand years to be 20. I am indeed envious of the aging process.

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