3rd Grade

I got a note from a classmate in 3rd grade: Bobby wants to fuck you. It mystified me. I didn’t know what it meant. But I learned. Once you know these things, there’s no going back.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “3rd Grade”

  1. Mikey’s favorite day of the year, Halloween, was still a week away. And for a kid in the 3rd grade, that might as well have been a hundred years! His class party was in the afternoon on Halloween day, after math class which followed their second recess. He couldn’t wait!

  2. When I was in the third grade, our teacher used to read a chapter from a book every day. We’d just finished one book and had begun another called the “Boxcar Twins”. Then I had to change school it, was the middle of winter. I Always wondered what became of those kids in “Boxcar Twins”.

    1. I’m not at all strict about word counts. If you start writing, I’m happy. The 50 word start is symbolic of getting your creative juices flowing.

  3. Third grade, I am pretty sure that was the first year I had the capital letter L on my forehead. I never got to see it but I felt it. I was the one who got tripped in the hall, the one who was always picked last, the person everyone blamed the fart on even though I didn’t do it. Yes, that year was a lifetime of being the butt of the nearest joke, the root of every disaster, and the big ass target for the spitball boys. Yeah, grade three I learned to hate the capital letter L.

  4. I continued with the stream you started …

    Vulgarity splashed all over me and I couldn’t wipe it off. I felt like he had already done what he said he wanted to do. And that everyone knew it. That feeling has followed me into adulthood. The sensation of filth and the fear of discovery crawl and slither within me.

  5. Some people can speak or write in such a way that it captures your attention and causes you to think or act in such a way that is foreign. Others, perform in a way that is vulgar and third-gradish. It didn’t work for Plato, Michelangelo, or even Jesus Christ.

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