Parking Lot

Empty Parking Lot

On the weekends, the only people who use the parking lot are kids about six who are learning to ride a bike and teens who are learning to drive cars.  I have the run of the place most of the weekend to practice on my inline skates.  The routine I’m developing is actually a dance.  Imagine an ice skater at the Olympics. That’s what I’m doing on my inline skates. Would you sign my petition to get inline skating admitted to . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Parking Lot”

  1. There are two important facts of life. Death and taxes represent the inevitable.
    However, the in between and during have to be somewhere. Looking for a spot to park is when we are searching and can’t find one or the one closest to what we want. When we find a spot, it becomes a place to be and if we are lucky, the meter doesn’t run out.

  2. The parking lot is where emotions are experienced. They can consist of being undecided; frustrated; and happy. Undecided about leaving the parking lot and entering the building; frustrated because your space is taken; happy because your team won or you accomplished a lot at work. There is room for excitement also.

  3. We moved again, everything is new and everything is empty awaiting the possibility of fulfillment. At work today everyone was a stranger, and to all of those people I was the stranger. Nobody seemed very welcoming so at noon I went out to the parking lot to eat my brown bag lunch. Three moves in four years made my five-year-old car the most consistent thing in my life. I was so grateful my new job had an ample parking lot.

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