Like male is the default gender and white is the default race, extrovert is the default personality type. Chatty, friendly, quick on the feet.  Like many default choices, the extrovert is not always the best choice in every situation, even though the extrovert may be the one leading the charge.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Extrovert”

  1. Jon is sitting there, laughingly cracking jokes, not even aware what is going on around him. His voice is so loud! It seems to ring around the room.

    “Hey! Have you heard the one about the crazy Arab?”

    Two swarthy looking chaps, turn towards him and stare.

    “No.” I said.

  2. Extrovert

    Laughing woman, chatting girl, leader of the pack
    Bombastic boss, tyrannizing captain, ready to attack
    Helpful one that steps in first; nurse first to arrive
    Politician, yearning for good, the one designated to drive
    Yapping dog, go-forward youth, the ever-knowing one
    Driving force, perfectionist, always on the run

  3. The tedious simplicity that encircles my realm of plot and perfection seems to gift me with an intensively caring social withdraw. Controversy follows me and I find myself alone and afraid and every day becoming more and more bitter. Losing the secret grips to smile and laugh at appropriate times. What happened to my gregarious and vociferous nature? I am no longer an extrovert.

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