I Shall Be Released

It was his mantra: I shall be released. For 27 years he thought it, believed it, acted as if it were true. It finally came to pass and he was able to walk unsteadily from his prison, his wife by his side, his supporters outside the gates. Those 27 years in hell would never leave him, but their scars would not rule him, would not change the good he would do in the world.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “I Shall Be Released”

  1. Interesting subject. I am writing a novel about that very same thing. A young girl was in the wrong place and wrong time. She is arrested and charged with robbery although she had nothing to do with it. She is poor and cannot afford a lawyer–the judge is retireing in two weeks and no longer cares–he is moving to his fishing and hunting lodge in Wyoming.
    She serves here time and makes a new life in another State. etc. etc. etc.

  2. The first time his doctor offered medication to manage his anxiety, he refused them. The second offer, he refused, but with hesitation. The third offer was the charm. This charm in the shape of small yellow pills held him under their spell for the next eight years. In the eighth year of addiction, on a day of no particular importance yet, he decided he wanted his life back. Despite knowing the pain of the withdrawal to come, he smiled as he flushed his remaining pills. As the whoosh of water swept them away he whispered, “I shall be free.”

  3. Salvaged by some unsustaining grips of importance and reason, I feel entrapped by this safe guard of security and endelvement. I am much too involved. I can hear his voice mockingly in my mind, pivoting me into despair, shattering me with guilt, ravaging my mind, my soul with a midnight madness, I can’t flee, I can’t be free. I moan and groan in agony. When shall I be released?

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