Game On

When I hear someone say, “Game on!” it always reminds me of my brother and the practical jokes and mean tricks he played on me all through our childhood. Him getting his game on was always going to be painful for me. How can I explain this when I tell people that my brother and I aren’t close now? Do I simply say . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Game On”

  1. Beth-Ann threw down her palm-palm and yelled “I quit,” Se stormed off in a flurry of rage. What were they going to do know? How were they going to unite when they couldn’t under a veteran? Sarah didn’t care her plans had come to fruition and all she could think was “game on!”

    -technically that is 53 but i just couldn’t figure out how to edit it down.

  2. Jenna marched up to me with all the energy of an angry beehive, “So! You are about to have a melt down Claudia! Shit, I am having a melt down and it isn’t even about me. It is about you! Goddamn scheming little wench. I told you we should have gone to management weeks ago!”

    I put my hand on Jenna’s arm, “Calm down there tiger! What are you going on about?”

    “I was in the staff office crouching down to get some file folders and I Bert and Sheila walked in, he was asking her why our shift never seemed to be as organized as the opposite shift. She told him it was because you were slacking off during your shift and she had to pick up all the slack! Can you believe it? That little lazy lout spends more time texting and in the bathroom than the two of us combined, and now you are the slacker? ”

    My hands tightened into fists, “That little weasel! Well! Game on sweetie this is war!”

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