Showing this particular couple a potential house to purchase was a challenge. They wanted built-in shelves for books. Really, builders don’t include bookshelves any more. Nobody owns books. So we had to look for homes that were at least 100 years old. There weren’t many on the market. I suggested that a carpenter could be hired to build shelves, but . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Books”

  1. I would love a place with sufficient shelves for my beloved books; Whenever I move, friends refer to them as ‘those g-d books’ and complain that I have too many books. My response is: “There’s no such thing as too many books; there is, however, such a thing as not enough bookshelves!” I have an e-reader and falling asleep with it is not nearly as nice as off with a nice printed edition!

  2. Books, the knowledge tools, are everywhere. They are in bookstores, libraries, and the home. When knowledge is needed, books quietly provide viable answers to acceptable questions. My books cause me to vigorously seek knowledge that is not available from other sources. Books are justly called tools of knowledge.

  3. Oh, if I could I would read one million books and write just as many. I would write for every hour of my life and read for that many more. Books contain knowledge, power strength, compassion, grace, peace, love, and hope. There are books I would never read and books I would never stop reading, and still books I would read more of.

  4. Books are like doors in which they open to new beginnings.
    Books are like friends in which they don’t mind to hear you speak
    Books are like magic in which they use to draw you to listen to what knowledge they behold beneath their cover.
    Books are like nothing else.

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