The Phone

I entered the theater to watch “Much Ado About Nothing” and turned off the ringer on my phone. I stuffed the phone in my purse. A couple of hours later I dug it out to turn the ringer on. It was boiling hot. The battery was almost gone. I couldn’t see that the phone had been doing anything, but obviously it was. Perhaps it recorded Nathan Fillian saying “I’m an ass” 10 times. That would be a fun ringtone.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Phone”

  1. Since my birth the telephone has come a long way. I grew up with “crank” phones. Our number was Red 32–a long and two shorts. If the other 17 members would stay off the party line, it functioned quite well.

    I moved to town and when you took the receiver off the hook, the operator would say ‘number please’. I thought that was a vast improvement. However there were three other members on our party line–sometimes they would hog the line. Our number was 22.

    We moved to Kansas while I was still in high school. This new town was four times larger than our little town. We had a dial phone. Once I mastered the longer number I considered it a vast improvement. Our number started with an alpha prefix. Our number was OX 23172 (OX was for Oxford). We did not have area codes but the telephone operators generally knew how to dial another city.

    I moved to California and they dropped the Alpha prefix and we were all numbers. That was not really an improvement–alpha letters and numbers are much eaiser to remember.

    Now we have cell phones and tablets and blackberries, etc. I am 81 and all I want is a phone that I can call home on. Not an improvement.

  2. Because it rings, the phone causes everyone to make a decision; a decision to answer or not to answer. When the phone rings, I vigorously examine the caller identification device. The device, a great program, is designed to assist phone owners with determining who dials their number. If caller information indicates the caller is making a worthy call, the recipient should answer the phone to receive the news. None worthy calls impede progress, and they must be ignored.

  3. The phone: A present day succubus living at our sides.
    Sometimes when I’m feeling rebellious I leave it at home, only to be scolded by loved ones. They didn’t want to leave a message, that would be old school.
    It constantly beeps with texts, emails and pictures. I can love it, I can hate it. No matter, because it’s always there.

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