Lost between two worlds
Searching in the wrong one,
Asking, inquiring, calling for help.
When help comes it leads to

How to find the way,
How to choose the path
That will lead to the world
Of support and life.


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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Lost”

  1. Whenever someone is lost, to be found is an opportunity not too far away. Lost relates to confusion about directions. These directions might be physical ones, or those tied to the game of life. Although we all are lost physically and in life sometimes, the viable solution is to search for the answer and be patient.

  2. Lost

    My heart shatters within my chest
    with every heartbeat it breaks more.
    I wander in an aimless fog.
    Without them I have no function.
    I am useless, broken.
    A GPS with no satellite uplink.
    Flawed, no direction.
    They bring me joy and without them near,
    No hunger no sleep.
    No dreams.
    No motivation.
    Dreary, gray.

  3. Accept where you are and be willing to be there. Look for what is right and add to that list every day. The present is a present; and to the degree that we recognize and appreciate the love, peace and joy available to us each day, we can be happy.

  4. My brain has plundered into thought, thoughts that throb in my head as if they were to crack out of my skull.
    My mind has given me false interceptions of the world for too long which has made me completely lost, even within my home.
    Lost, it drives you mad.

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