She was jumpy and nervous when she let me in the door. She steered me toward the kitchen and offered me a cup of coffee – urged me to sit down at the breakfast nook. She stood by the coffee pot while the coffee brewed looking frazzled and fussing with her hair.

I finally realized what was going on when a man she introduced as the handyman came into the kitchen and announced that he was finished with the leaky faucet. He . . .

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Writer and teacher who benefits from following the principles of writing practice set forth by Natalie Goldberg.
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3 Responses to Handyman

  1. Okay, so I was expecting Mr. Clean, not Mr. “I just stepped off of a GQ Magazine cover.”

    Can you blame a girl?

    Most handymen are fat and gross looking. It’s usually ” Can you get that for me? Oh thanks” as his pants fall down revealing his butcrack. But, no pun intended, this guy was the exception…..

    To be continued at


  2. anthony mazzella says:

    What do you do in your spare time? I clean toilets. But mainly I freeload. Some hobby! Actually, I exist and all my time is spare. So where is your plunger? Your question is not funny Madame Interviewer. However, if you insist. A needle? Yes a needle. I am a handyman of the mind. I clean the cesspool of your brain with lye and your soul with fellowship and love. But first, the bill. Let me see…Twenty years of that. Ten years of this. Ten minutes of … ugh! I am sorry Madame, but you disgust me. This is on me. Enjoy your trip to waste tank.

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