Morning Rain

“Looking out on the morning rain
I used to feel so uninspired”

When you live in the desert and have had about 1 inch of rain in the last year, Carole King’s lyrics come to mind during a morning rain, but the rain is more inspiring than not.

Water here is like a blessing from the goddess. The plants, the earth, the birds and bunnies and bugs all stage a celebratory dance that makes the heart sing.

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7 Responses to Morning Rain

  1. When my wife and I were first married and did not have children yet, we would drive up to Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA during a light California rain, and run between buildings. It was fun and the air smelled so good. We didn’t get wet, just a little damp. That was almost 60 years ago.

    We would wander around for awhile after rain stopped and then go have a nice breakfast somewhere along highway 39 on the way back home.

    You cannot do that anymore–when Walter Knott died his children fenced the Farm and started charging a fee to get in.

  2. Claire says:

    I love rain; be it at any time of the day. I believe it is God’s way of crying, but on a more pragmatic note, I believe that it is Nature’s way of cleansing itself and the environment. I find morning rain, in particular, to be the perfect balm in welcoming a new day.

  3. I hear the pitter-patter of raindrops on the window. My eyes open to dim light streaming into the room. I don’t want to go out in that! That portends a messy rush hour, wet clothes, frizzy hair…

    Wait. It’s Saturday. Sigh. Morning rain is so pretty.

  4. rhonda says:

    …Then I remembered what it feels like to take your shoes off and dance barefoot in the rain while the warm rain kissed my skin.

  5. Dionysus says:

    Morning rain disappointing my desire. 95 degrees overnight, no A/C, no sleep. The storm blows through ripe with promise and the wind cuts across my bare chest offering brief but temporary relief.
    When I watch TV, when the rain drums down on the plastic roof over the screened in porch, I’ll turn the TV up so I can enjoy both.
    Morning rain blows through, the wind abandons me.
    I am hot. I am tired.

  6. ernestine lawson says:

    I love the morning rain
    gives me a few hours to be
    relaxed in this cottage.
    This time of year when garden is flourishing
    I stay outside
    and work to long….

  7. Drops of morning rain tapped lightly on her strawberry blonde hair, enough to warn that a deluge was coming. The curtain of water came out of nowhere, rushing forward, the clouds disgorging its contents. After the soaking stopped abruptly, the sun came out and said, “I’m in charge here!”

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