Whatcha gonna do?

He planted himself inches from my face. “Whatcha gonna do?” he demanded.

I backed away a couple of steps. “I’m not leaving without her,” I said.

“Great. So where does that leave everybody else?” He waved his arm to indicate the  people behind him, all of them studying me for guidance.

“You guys go. Just go. We’ll catch up if we can.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

12 thoughts on “Whatcha gonna do?”

  1. Whatcha gonna do when a parcel is left on your doorstep? You pick it up and it starts crying. The note says: You made it you look after it now. you can’t remember where, when or who with. You are 14 a child yourself too young to be a father,

  2. Whatcha gonna do when your forty year old son buys a motorcycle? There he is on Facebook posing with the darn thing. That’s how I found out. But he’s wearing a helmit. I’m happy for small things.

  3. “Watcha gonna do for your birthday?” Kat asked.
    “You know, I don’t know yet,” I answered.” I really have nothing planned, but what I would like to do is treat myself on the morning of to a stack of silver dollar pancakes at my favorite diner.”
    We both laughed and started making plans to make this happen.

  4. Whatcha gonna do?

    The group dispersed. He came back.
    “Why do you do this?”
    “She’d do the same for me!”
    “So you’re down here waiting in the cold while she’s sucking cock”
    She slapped him hard.
    He breathed out through barely parted lips. “If that’s friendship, I don’t want a bar of it”.

  5. Oh I think I am doing this wrong. I continued your story instead of being inspired by the topic, Whatcha gonna do. Still good practice though! I’ll try again tomorrow!

    1. Well in the next 5 years, I plan to be married with kids being a stay at home husband watching my daughter during the day and work during the night. That way I can study the MCAT for my wife and tell her everything she needs to know. Stay controversial on each talk radio network blah blah! Enough about me, whatcha gonna do?

  6. Life counselers are a dime a dozen. Their seminars are touchy feely, toothless and designed to hurt nobody’s feelings. Any answer you give to any question is good. The atmosphere is patronizing.
    Except for Tony. Tony calls himself a confrontational life counseler and that was what got me into the room with him.
    He gives good advice, he offers plenty of his own experiences as examples of what to do and what not to do and, best of all, he gets in your face as soon as he senses that you are not fully committed.
    “You are making excuses instead of progress. Whatcha gonna do?” “You are whining instead of thinking. Whatcha gonna do?” “You need to change your life NOW. Whatcha gonna do?”
    It is tough and I have gone home to a bottle of whiskey often after our meetings.
    But he’s got me looking into the mirror.

  7. She killed herself really.

    I mean, maybe she didn’t pull the trigger and maybe she didn’t expect me to react like that, but she fucked-up and had to know the consequences. Had to. I mean, whatcha gonna do? Let something like that slide and the bitches be all over you.

  8. Whatcha gonna do? This is what I say to my self when I have a meaningful dilemma. Dilemmas lead to active decision making, if the decision is significant. Decisions are part of life, but they are sometimes tough to make. Whatcha gonna do becomes gotta do something during decision making.

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